Friday, May 25, 2012


I've posted the beginning of my novel-length manuscript, Tomales Point: Creation Stories, on its own page, to keep such long writings separate and easy to access and read. It is listed to the right under "The Creations." If you are into it, let me know and I will continue to add more pieces of it for your reading pleasure.

Just as a little introduction-- the manuscript tells the stories of a certain bit of the Point Reyes Peninsula from geological, cultural and mythic perspectives. It is about creation and destruction and rebirth, in the worlds of granite rocks and humans and mountain lions, prairie grasslands, old dairy ranch buildings, and a woman old as rifts who rides a dark blue heron. Though it is ultimately fictional, due to some of the historical tales I created and mythic crone-women I invented, it is about a real place, one incredibly dear to my heart. These are some photos of that place (in two different seasons).

Tomales Bay, from Tomales Point. A beautiful blue ribbon, San Andreas Fault beneath.

A sudden sea-fog descended during this walk. The Monterey Cypress trees emerge from it, wind-bent. They were planted by Solomon Pierce in the 1860's to protect the dairy ranch complex from the wild ocean winds. 

Sweet Cows.

I believe this is where the pigs used to live.

The fence, the footpath.

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