Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Deerstone Felts: Come in and Visit!

Something new has been launched-- Deerstone Felts, my little shop full of hand-felted wares-- tea cozies, window valances, and all manner of earthen and also magical things. It has only a humble selection to start, but I wanted to get it off its feet and out into the world.

You can find it here, on Etsy. Here is the rambling description, just to give you a flavor. 

"Deerstone Felts is filled with hand-felted pieces inspired by the textures of earth, stone and animal skin, embroidered with the silhouettes of animals and other organic shapes. The name "deerstone" refers to the mysterious and powerful Siberian standing stones carved with reindeer, eagles and other wild creatures of the steppe. Deerstone Feltworks will pay homage to the ancient human artistic tradition of carving or painting animals on the walls of caves, invoking the magic and bounty of the natural world.

The process of wet-felting is the most ancient textile art in the world, with its origins far, far back in the steppes and caves of the Paleolithic and early Neolithic eras. Each piece is made with meditative care, often out in the yard with the birds flitting overhead, while the wool is layered, wetted, soaped and agitated by hand. The process is always a little bit of a mystery, because the wool, once wetted and then locked to itself via much agitation, changes its shape and patterns. This is one of my favorite things about creating works of felt-- they take on a life of their own! No two are ever exactly alike."

Also, this black walnut-lady is in the works, and will be up for sale soon....

Finally, here are a few photos of the process itself-- soap, bubble wrap, netting, wet wool, hands.

So, do come on in and visit!

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