Thursday, November 15, 2012

Walking in the Dust of the Bobcat, at Dark Mountain...

A bobcat and her healthy rabbit breakfast
I've been wandering about the trails of Muddy Hollow, alder-thick, chaparral-tangled, for the past several months with a group of other trackers, mapping the passage and signs of bobcats, those sly, moon-shadow walking creatures who, now and then, calmly show their faces to us on wide empty trails at dawn. They've padded their way into my imagination, deep and soft, so much so that I've recently written a re-telling of the fairy tale Catskin that is devoted to them.

Anyhow, The Dark Mountain Project blog has recently published a piece of mine about the bobcats of Muddy Hollow. I'm honored to have it up there. Do pop over and check it out. And there are more to come!

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  1. Hello Sylvia,

    I discovered your blog thanks to your enjoyable piece on Dark Mountain. That's a spectacular photo of the bobcat with the rabbit. I too am a great admirer of Rima Staines, by the way. I'll return here from time to time. Please keep up the good work.