Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh, the Sun, the Sun Full of All Seeds

Blessings this summer solstice to the star who fills us each with light, who grows the plants, who warms our bodies, the seeds of our every making. May we honor that long-light-sun, may we be glowing, may we cast our rays upon those seeds which most need to grow healthy and strong in ourselves and in the world.

May our hearts be flowers drinking sun and planting our dozen, dozen seeds.

I followed the lovely recipe of Mystic Mamma this afternoon, high noon, sun bright and big overhead, and went to a dry hill to gather special flowers for a solstice flower essence—farewell to spring, California poppy, a sprig of yarrow, a single wild rosehip. What a lovely thing! I am enchanted, utterly, by this new concept, the healing of a few lovingly-picked flowers, steeped in sun (or in moon, for that matter, I think I'll do another this full moon Sunday!) It felt so much like being a little girl again— I thought to myself, oh, right, this is what you did all the time as a child. Oh, the things we forget, and how good it is to remember how easy they are, how playful, and how good it feels to be playful in the midst of all the Things that would tell you not to be.

These two make 8 (a different set I'm pretty sure). They wandered through once I was back,  near the next cabin down the hill. Goodness, I can't get enough of gazing upon these fawns!
Along the way I saw six deer— three fawns, growing up but still speckled, three does, one of which I think was a yearling-daughter with her mother and her mother's new fawn, as does will often do. This was a very short walk, mind you—and quite a lot of deer for the distance, I daresay! They are so common around here, so sometimes it is easy to forget how completely beautiful and steeped in grace they are. But oh my, I was transfixed by them, particularly the sweet fawns eyeing me curiously, and then their mama, protective, watching with all her strength. They walked right past the secret place of my flower-gathering... Somehow they felt like sun-priestesses, leading the way. From Siberia to ancient Mexico, deer have been depicted through the ages as carrying the sun between their antlers... so maybe there is something to that hunch (though none of these ladies of course had antlers).

Solstice blessings upon all the deer and their fawns growing up this beautiful summertime, and upon all the sun-seeds in our hearts, and of course, great thanks to the Sun Itself, on this longest day of the year (on this side of the planet, that is...)

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