Friday, August 16, 2013

Catskin: A Chapbook

My strange watch-cog lighthouse-lit scrubbrush dairy-ranch version of the English fairytale Catskin has just been published in chapbook form by Deathless Press. It is full of vole bones and bobcat skins stitched with sharp needles and burrows through coyotebrush leading to underworlds. You can buy a copy here, on Etsy!

Here's what the publisher has written about the tale:

"If you smashed a pocket watch in the wilds of an old California, the cogs would take root with skeletal remains of wild animals and grow into this gnarled and sharp story. With an amazing sense of place, a fierce heroine, a sinister father and help from the Mistress of Bobcats, this is an arresting retelling of the classic English fairy tale."

Most intriguing of all perhaps is the Mistress of Bobcats... you shall have to fetch yourself a copy to see why!

Lynx rufus


  1. Congratulations! I'm excited to place an order for this...

  2. Just ordered! I was so intrigued; I love your writing. x

    1. Thank you both for ordering! What a lovely honor. I do so hope you enjoy. & thanks for visiting the Vat. xxx, S